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The Realm of Nerdgard

A pair of geeks navigating the strange world of humans.


Will is a numbers monkey who occasionally tries to interact with the human world.  Spends too much time reading Marvel comics, but not enough to do anything useful with it.  Easily distracted.


Zarich is a bon vivant, creative mental, self made threequidaire.  The Dogmother.  ADHD, PTSD, depression, anxiety, cis/she/her/bi.  Unpublished author.  Unwritten author, to be precise.  Ex model, ex dancer, ex cleaner of toilets at the Ford motor plant, erstwhile executive nanny. Trained for the theatre dahling.  Her liver is one of the finest examples of lacework produced outside of Honiton and Nottingham.


Sitting together with their menagerie and a few drinks, they chat about whatever happens to be on their minds, whether it be ADHD and autism, cosplay and conventions, books, films, comics, food, squirrels, or the latest fashions.